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About This Podcast

Divorce can be one of the most fearful experiences of our lives. It takes courage to discuss divorce, tell our children about the divorce, discuss settlement terms for the divorce, and live as single people again. It does not have to be a 3-Ring Circus, nor do you have to feel like you’re putting your head in the lion’s mouth when negotiating a settlement with your spouse.

This podcast will help you gracefully navigate through the divorce process with ease and with empowering techniques and tips to help you communicate with your spouse, establish a successful co-parenting relationship, and shift to a positive mindset that is future focused. Judith interviews Therapists, Divorce and Step-Parent Coaches, Lawyers, Judges, Authors and experts from all over the globe, along with previously divorced people, bringing you the guidance and support you need to approach a more amicable divorce strategy that provides you with control over your own happiness and a sense of satisfaction and freedom to live your next best life.