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Episode 204: Parental Alienation and Child-Centered Divorce Coaching with Janet Price, Divorce & Thriving Ahead Coach

Parental Alienation and Child-Centered Divorce Coaching with Janet Price, Divorce & Thriving Ahead Coach

In this episode you will learn the following:

1. Skills to deal with divorce
2. Skills to prevent parental alienation
3. Generational trauma and the impact on your children
4. Divorce abuse and its impact on the children
5. Communication strategies for conflict
6. How a woman’s life changes when going from working outside the home to being a stay-at-home mom
7. Support for the children
8. Aspects of being a good parent and co-parenting
9. What working in the ‘best interest of the child’ mean
10. What children go through while their parents are divorcing
11. Support groups for children in a divorce
12. Another way of looking at co-parenting that could change co-parenting challenges 

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Biography of Janet Price
Janet Price is the CEO of JP Coaching & Consulting, Inc and Founder of Divorce & Thriving Beyond.  Janet is a Certified Divorce Specialist and Conscious Co-Parenting Coach who empowers loving parents to rise above the ‘crazy making’ by keeping their kids out of the middle and moving from surviving to thriving!   

Janet is passionate about supporting parents divorcing & beyond, transition from the ‘intimate partner relationship’ to their ‘Business Partner Relationship called: The Kids’ so that the children are free to: love both of their parents and be loved by both of their parents.
Janet knows the dynamics of divorcing and co-parenting in a high-conflict environment personally - As a child product of high-conflict divorce and a mother involved in a high conflict coparenting relationship, Janet has first-hand experience on the negative impact & trauma the kids experience when parents unconsciously co-parent and stay stuck in the intimate partner relationship communication loop.

Janet’s Divorce & Thriving Beyond programs provide parents with the tools, skills, strategies, and support to co-parent effectively & transition to their Business Partner Relationship called: The Kids, so that the children experience their birth right, to love and be loved by both parents!

To Learn More about Janet’s Practice go to her website: https://jpcoachingandconsulting.com/divorce-beyond/

To begin getting the support today, join Janet’s private facebook community: Divorce & Beyond: It's Time to Rise, so our Families Thrive!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/divorceandbeyondtimetorise 

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