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Episode 235: Emotional Intelligence for Divorce Fear w/Patty McGuire

Emotional Intelligence for Divorce Fear w/Patty McGuire, Emotional Intelligence Master and Coach

You will learn the following:
1. How to approach the emotions that come up when the decision to divorce takes place.
2. How to deal with grief and fear.
3. Set an intent to handle the emotions in a positive way.
4. Why are words important in divorce language?
5. What is Trauma Bonding?
6. How to choose a support group, and surround yourself with, who will keep your emotions positive.
7. Are you in the Fear Rabbit Hole?
8. Self-care is not optional. It gets you out of fear
9. How grief can be a learning opportunity.
10. How do you believe your role was supposed to be in marriage? Was this a false or true belief?
11. Ask each other, “What is our perception of divorce?”
12. Definition of Emotional Intelligence, and how does having EI get you through fear?
13. Patty’s definition of Fear. “Fear brings you information that you need in order to be more of yourself.”
14. Question your belief systems to find out why the marriage didn’t work out.
15. How to handle divorce fears through Emotional Intelligence.
16. When do you hire an attorney if you need representation?
17. Patty’s Steps to Emotional Intelligence: Find a positive support system. Disconnect from time lines provided by others. Allow yourself to grieve. Practice self-awareness.

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Biography for Patty McGuire 
Patty McGuire
Founder, Positivity Influencer Coaching

Patty McGuire started as a self-worth coach who taught her clients how to create more love and happiness in their lives - one step at a time. Specializing in emotional wellness, divorce recovery and saving marriages, her unique method guides people from fear and pain back to love.

McGuire is now an Emotional Intelligence Master and Coach, and speaks with clients individually and for C-Suite Executives who want to bring Emotional Intelligence to their businesses and leadership methods.   


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