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Episode 249: How to Create Amicable Co-Parenting Plans

How to Create Amicable Co-Parenting Plans 

1. Include everything in the marital settlement agreement and refer to the settlement agreement to avoid arguments

2. Avoid Arguments by Looking at all Aspects of the Co-Parenting Relationship
    a. Third Party to pick children up from school or after school event
    b. Pick-up Late Clause
    c. Asking for co-parent’s help in the other co-parent’s house
    d. When children don’t want to go to other parent’s house
    e. Attending children’s school events, sitting together
    f. Introducing new partner to other parent and the children
    g. Moving your address to another county, or more than 20 miles away from their school  
    h.. Provisional clause if the payor loses their job
    i.  Include a meeting with a Parenting Plan Coordinator, or a Divorce Coach, or a therapist who specializes in the co-parent relationship for post-divorce issues  pg. 51-52  

3. Have a joint bank account for children’s expenses
    a. Discuss all activities well ahead of when money has to be provided
    b. Keep a minimum balance in the account, and deposit money one month ahead of when needed, if possible
    c. Both parents’ names should be on the account

4. How to Create a Good Co-Parenting Schedule
    a. Consider the children’s school and activity schedule first, and then look at how the parents can support that schedule
    b. Do not insist on 50/50 time share if you can’t spend time with your child
    c. Make child support money secondary to the relationship you’re building with your child. In a mediated settlement agreement you can choose however you want to construct the financial support of your children.

5. Addiction and Behavioral Issues
    a. Legal advice
    b. Speak up; don’t avoid this discussion just to avoid an argument or to get the divorce finalized
   c. Put provisions in place if the substance-challenged spouse waivers on staying clean


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