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A Podcast Devoted to Amicable Divorces

Hosted by Judith M. Weigle 

Amicable Divorce Expert, Judith M. Weigle shares her insights and experiences in the world of Divorce as a negotiator and communication specialist, helping thousands do the near impossible: Amicable Divorces.

Judith is one of those rare individuals who can make you laugh while you're going through a painful experience. Her ability to see through and reach a negotiated settlement is unparalleled in the field of divorce mediation.

"People have always found it easy to open up and confide in me, hopefully, because they know I'm nonjudgemental. I'm there to hold a mirror of self-reflection up so that divorcing people can identify their participation in the relationship in order to craft the negotiated settlement that best reflects the evolution of the marriage."

Judith's Philosophy: Be Honest, Speak from the Heart, Take Responsibility for Your Actions.