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Episode 193: Understanding Attorneys, Paralegals and the Human Side of Law w/Eda Rosa

Understanding Attorneys, Paralegals and the Human Side of Law w/Eda Rosa

In THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast, we feature Eda Rosa, LLC a Ft. Lauderdale legal professional who has a concierge paralegal service for attorneys, has her own podcast, Let’s Talk Legal, and is an author of two books that support honesty and ethics in legal services. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. The relationship between attorneys and paralegals
2. The role of paralegals in a law firm
3. The human side of working in a legal relationship
4. The right way attorneys should provide service to clients
5. How law schools brainwash students to want to fight s attorneys
6. What attorneys can and should do to better represent their clients, and promote a more positive image in the legal industry
7. The relationship between Humanity and Law
8. The intention is to provide excellent service in the face of being human
9. How to choose the right attorney
10. Trust your gut when hiring legal professionals
11. Signs that your attorney is doing more than necessary just to charge you
12. Types of questions to ask your attorney to know the status of your case
13. Resources to teach you how legal services should be provided
14. Signs that your attorney is doing less than they should
15. The client’s role in an attorney-client relationship
16. Options in hiring legal services other than attorneys  

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Biography of Eda Rosa

Eda Rosa accrued 19 years of professional excellence in the legal profession. Early in her career she was a full-time paralegal for law firms across Florida’s tri-county area. She has gained valuable experience supporting attorneys nationwide by efficiently managing the caseload process, delivering a trustworthy product with supporting legal research and enhancing client relations. Additionally, Rosa gained practical knowledge in foreclosure/real estate law, personal injury, legal research, title work, and business/corporate law.   

Eda Rosa, LLC. Is a concierge service providing legal support to law firms.

Let’s Talk Legal and Behind the Oath-Experiences of Paralegals are Rosa’s two books.

Let’s Talk Legal is also the name of Eda’s podcast.