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Episode 212: Qualifications to Refinance the House in a Divorce Buyout w/Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator Tami Wollensak, CDLP® NMLS #1963450

Qualifications to Refinance the House in a Divorce Buyout w/Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator Tami Wollensak, CDLP® NMLS #1963450 

On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast, I interview Tami Wollensak, CDLP® NMLS #1963450. This is what you will learn:
1. Be realistic about keeping and/or refinancing the house
2. The relationship between mortgage lending for a refinance of the house in a divorce, and the legal side of the divorce
3. How should a settlement agreement be written so that a divorced spouse can refinance the house once the divorce is final
4. What it means financially to refinance and keep the house
5. What happens if the lower earning spouse who is still living in the house can’t meet the mortgage payment
6. The tragedy of leaving Title while still on the mortgage
7. What a Due-On-Sale action is based on a Change in Title
8. Mortgage lender bases their decision to lend on
9. There is a difference between family court versus the mortgage industry rules for responsibility
10. How to change Title of the house if both spouses decide to keep the house jointly
11. Qualifications for one spouse to refinance the house in a divorce
12. How does self-employment effect refinancing the house
13. Timing requirements of child and spousal support to refinance the house
14. Know all your options when negotiating the house in a divorce settlement
15. Make the house a financial decision, not an emotional one 

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Biography Tami Wollensak is a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™) and Senior Mortgage Loan Originator for Oak Leaf Community Mortgage, a Division of Mutual Federal Bank. Tami has worked in the mortgage industry for more than 25 years and is licensed to lend in 46 states. Specializing in Divorce Mortgage Planning, Tami takes a holistic approach to the process of evaluating mortgage options in the context of the overall financial objectives as they relate to divorcing situations prior to settlement for the best outcome. To learn more, visit www.TakeOrLeaveTheHouse.com
Tami Wollensak, CDLP®
Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator
Certified Divorce Lending Professional
NMLS #1963450 (708) 359-2070
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Tami Wollensak, CDLP®, Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator, Certified Divorce Lending Professional Oak Leaf Community Mortgage. NMLS ID: 1963450. Equal Housing Lender. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 


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