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Episode 207: Benefits of Mediation During Emotional Divorce

Benefits of Mediation During Emotional Divorce 

In episode 207 of THE Amicable Divorce Expert Judith shares an article from Diane Neumann, a divorce mediator, titled “The Psychological Stages of Divorce”. Diane takes the five emotional stages of divorce and demonstrates how mediation can be used during this time.
You will learn the following:
Stage One: Blaming the Spouse
   a) Mediation fosters a sense of control
   b) Mediation defuses fear of the divorce process
   c) Mediation structures information gathering
   d) Mediation organizes basic living expenses
   e) Mediation contributes to better parenting skills
   f) Mediation works out physical separation details 

Stage Two: Mourning the Loss
   a) Mediation refocuses the “poor me” attitude
   b) Mediation helps acknowledge the grief
   c) Mediation acknowledges the reality of the divorce
   d) Mediation structures necessary information gathering 

Stage Three: Anger
   a) Mediation defuses anger
   b) Mediation directs the anger energy to focus on specific tasks
   c) Mediation enhances decision-making abilities
   d) Mediation focuses on long-term goals 

Stage Four: Being Single
   a) Mediation heightens communication between spouses
   b) Mediation facilitates co-parenting cooperation
   c) Mediation improves relationship interaction 

Stage Five: Re-Entry
   a) Mediation provides closure
   b) Mediation emphasizes the future
   c) Mediation is efficient and painless compared to court procedures

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