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Episode 234: Top 10 Divorce Myths

Top 10 Divorce Myths

In this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast you will learn the following: 
1. Getting Legal Advice is being Disloyal to Your Spouse. “We decided we wanted to keep it amicable, and going to an attorney makes it litigious.”

2. Filing a Response to the Petition makes the divorce contentious.

3. More parenting time will be given to Mom. The fear of most men.

4. “The Judge will see my side if we go to court.”

5. The ruder the lawyer, the better the outcome for their client.

6. The Mediator or Document Preparation people can give legal advice and consulting.

7. Filing a huge brief or statement at a Hearing will help you win in court.

8. The first person who files has the upper hand or advantage.

9. Asking for financial damages because the marriage didn’t work out.

10. “I’ll take everything, even full custody of the kids, if you divorce me.”


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