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Episode 217: How You Show Up Matters w/Dr. Debra Dupree, The MINDSET Doc, Author Communications Trainer

How You Show Up Matters w/Dr. Debra Dupree, The MINDSET Doc, Author Communications Trainer 

On this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert you will learn: 
1. What Conflict Communication is
2. What “showing up” means
3. Why the way we show up matters
4. The elements in our communication and facial expressions that affect the other party
5. Emotional Intelligence
6. Relationship Management
7. What happens in our bodies when we’re in conflict and fear
8. How to turn fear around in our bodies
9. Tone of voice and choice of words matter
10. Identify your triggers
11. Go through the Emotional Divorce before Filing
12. Mediation mistakes with Settlement
13. Both spouses need to go through the emotions of uncoupling
14. Address the Hurt to get to a Better Settlement
15. Where Trust fits into the settlement negotiations and mediation
16. The importance of pre-mediation before both spouses attend
17. Emotional potential
18. Depersonalize issues with the other spouse
19. Four Communication Styles
20. How your parental families determine future relationships

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Dr. Debra Dupree Biography

Dr. Debra is a Dispute Resolution Specialist, Conflict | Leadership Coach, and International Trainer and Keynote Speaker. She hosts the podcast ‘Decoding the Conflict Mindset’ to bring ‘thought leaders’ from business and legal worlds to her community worldwide to gain insight when high emotions run high and tough negotiations are at stake. She also founded the virtual mentorship program “The Agile Lawyer-Mediator Interview Series” drawing upon 12 topnotch advocates and mediators. 
Dr. Dupree is the author of Your Emotional Potential: How You Show Up Matters
Dispute Resolution Specialist:  Mediation & Conflict Coach | Podcast Host | International Speaker | Author

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