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Episode 220: Child-Centered Co-Parenting w/Rosalind Sedacca, CDC, Author, The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce

Child-Centered Co-Parenting w/Rosalind Sedacca, CDC, Author, The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce

On this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast you will learn the following: 
1. What it means to be Child-Centered in a Divorce
2. Children feel a sense of responsibility in the break-up of the marriage
3. How parents grieve the break-up of the marriage and put their children at the forefront of the divorce at the same time
4. The importance of a support team for parents to help them go through the grieving process: Mediator, Divorce Coach, Therapist
5. Choose lawyers who are child-centered, not aggressive attorneys, even if you have a high conflict, bullying attorney
6. What to tell the children regarding the divorce; how to tell the children about the divorce
7. The divorce can be a model for positive change for the children
8. The biggest fear of children of a divorce, and how to change that fear
9. How to reinforce hope for the children
10. Parental Alienation: What it is, how it starts, and the long-range effects on the children
11. Co-Parenting Schedules
12. How to work with different parenting styles 

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Rosalind Sedacca, CDC is a Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach, recognized as The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce. She is the founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network which provides valuable resources for parents who are facing, moving through or transitioning after a divorce. She is also the author of How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love! and co-host of Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living Radio Show & Podcast. Rosalind is an expert blogger for numerous divorce, parenting and dating websites and blogs. Rosalind’s books, courses and programs for divorced parents and singles starting over can be found at her websites: www.childcentereddivorce.com, www.womendatingafter40.com, www.womendatingrescue.com and www.mensdatingformula.com.
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