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Episode 253: Mediation: How to Handle Hurdles

Mediation: How to Handle Hurdles

I. Mediation is an opportunity to compromise. To create a settlement that works for everyone.
    a. It’s not an argument.
    b. It’s not therapy. 
II. People should know the law going into the mediation, and be prepared to work around the law for a compromise that benefits both spouses.

III. Typical Mediation Challenges and How to Handle Them
    a. Spousal Support (alimony) is a non-starter.
    b. Separate Property Money (inheritance or savings) became community property money.
    c. I will only accept a 50/50 custody.
    d. I’m not addicted to drugs. I just take them recreationally.
    e. I’ll do what I want on my co-parenting time.
    f. I’m going to be working less; I’ve been wanting to enjoy life more. (And there’s child and spousal support to pay.)
    g. If you leave me I’ll take you for everything.
    h. Lose my last name.
    i. I have no money.
    j. What to do when one or both spouses are angry, or one spouse is crying.  

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