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Episode 198: The Importance of Openness and Honesty in Mediation w/Joseph George, Mediator

The Importance of Openness and Honesty in Mediation w/Joseph George, Mediator

This episode explores the realities of making a good mediation. It’s simple: Be Honest, Be Empathetic, Be Human 

You will learn:

1. How to be frank

2. How to allow the mediator to move the discussion forward

3. How to negotiate

4. How not to be held hostage in divorce

5. How to think through and prioritize the division of assets

6. How not to be held hostage in divorce mediation

7. How to recognize a power imbalance in order to mediate

8. Difference between options vs advice and move beyond impasse

9. That your mediator can identify compromises that the parties can’t hear for themselves

10. Mediators have to come to the mediation with an open mind  

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Joseph George Biography
Joseph George is an intelligent and astute businessman with an innovative and motivational mindset. His passion for helping people shows in his body of work. He is an independent, full-time Supreme Court-appointed mediator and arbitrator. As an arbitrator, his role is to ensure the parties get a fair and effectively managed proceeding. His talents as a mediator, helps to guide the parties to a mutually satisfactory dispute settlement. The combination of his past industry experience in contract negotiations and his skills in crisis management makes him an ideal mediator or arbitrator for matters involving construction or employment, as well as complex business disputes. Both roles are crucial components in his position as a founding partner with the George & George ADR Group.   

Apart from the business world Mr. George has a meticulous work-life balance, as he is a devout family man. He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his family and is very hands on with his autistic child. He works closely with an individualized education program (IEP) which helps him to address any therapy for speech, behavior, or sensory concerns his child may have. He is also a promoter of community service and is an avid supporter of community groups designed to inspire and motivate women of all ages.

Joseph George Executive Director  
George & George ADR Group

Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediator
Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator
License Notary & E-notary
Certified Loan Signing Agent
Certified Paralegal/Legal Assistant
Certified Cannabis Mediator
Certified ADA Coordinator/ Subject Matter Expert
Certified Human Resource Professional

830-13 A1A N Suite 122
Ponte Vedra Bch, FL 32082