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Episode 250: Can anyone Take the High Road in Divorce? w/Andy Heller, author, businessman

Can anyone Take the High Road in Divorce? w/Andy Heller, author, businessman

1. Define High Road as it pertains to divorce

2. What is the crucial hole in the self-help space that you saw with your own divorce, and wanted to fill with your book?

3. Topics that aren’t covered a lot in divorce podcasts, and are in your book
    a. Why shouldn’t one spouse speak badly about the other spouse, especially their mental health assessment of the other spouse?
    b. When to hold and when to fold in co-parenting?
    c. The two categories of advice givers
    d. Injecting Fun into the co-parenting even if you’re the disciplinarian
    e. How much should you tell your children about the marriage and the reason for divorce?
    f. Outsourcing parental tasks to spend more quality time with the children
    g. Receiving gratitude and appreciation from your spouse in the co-parenting give-and-take (Taking the High Road) pg. 210 h. Establishing Communication Guidelines (Bill Eddy)
    i. Hire a Special Master for on-going co-parenting decisions and issues that will come up after the divorce is final 

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 While navigating through his own divorce Andy read countless support books to help him navigate through the process. While helpful, Andy identified a crucial hole in the self-help space for men and women navigating through divorce. Andy’s book “Take the High Road, Divorce with Compassion for Yourself and Your Family” is his give back with a stated goal of making the divorce process easier for those who are considering or who are on the divorce path.

Several factors make his book truly groundbreaking. First, Andy brings a businessman’s objective perspective into his counsel. Andy interviewed attorneys, divorcees, therapists, co-parenting counselors, mediators, special masters, and others to arrive at advice and guidance from the leading industry experts. Andy presents the guidance in 46 strategies, tools, and tips that armed with the experience and counsel of these experts, the readers can themselves, hopefully their former spouses, and most importantly their children land in a healthier place in the months and years after the conclusion of their divorces.



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