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Episode 213: Happiness is a Choice and a Necessity w/La-Verne Parris, JD, MSc, Med

Happiness is a Choice and a Necessity w/La-Verne Parris, JD, MSc, Med., Life Coach and author of Happiness Handbooks 

On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast you will learn the following:
1. What is happiness?
2. Is Happiness defined in the same way by everyone?
3. Is it possible to be happy during a divorce?
4. Is Happiness a choice or a state of being that we can’t do anything about?
5. How self-care is a part of being happy
6. How you know what really makes you happy
7. The signs of a committed relationship
8. How long-distance relationships work or fail
9. Authenticity of self-expression and happiness
10. Why Happiness and Blame cannot live together 

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La-Verne Parris, JD, MSc, MEd is a featured author in the health and happiness bestseller, The Wellness Code; and author of the new, humorous and transformational 6-books-in-1 series for women, the Happiness Handbooks (she even illustrated her own book cover!). An award-winning environmental justice/bioethics/science educator, certified life coach, and self-taught author/illustrator, La-Verne enjoys teaching women how to step firmly into their birth-given talents and power.

La-Verne was born in sunny, laid-back Jamaica, but has been a consummate New Yorker on-the-go for most of her trips around the sun. She lives in Mount Vernon, New York with her twin sister and entire family, and loves people-watching and exploring new spots in the world via that last-minute cheap flight. Visit laverneparrislifecoach.com and follow her on social for inspo, laughs, and to contact her; and visit HappinessHeaven.com (site coming soon) for her slogan merch line, designed to help you declare your unbothered right to be happy! 

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Instagram: @lifecoachlaverne
Twitter: @LaVerne63
Facebook: @LaVerneParrisLifeCoach
Website: laverneparrislifecoach.com 

Certified Life Coach
J.D., M.Sc., M.Sc.
917-705-5829 .


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