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Episode 206: The Emotional Divorce precedes the Legal Divorce

The Emotional Divorce precedes the Legal Divorce

There are two divorces, the Emotional Divorce and the Legal Divorce. The Emotional Divorce comes first, and needs to be settled before the filing in Court begins.
Here's how this works… 
Divorce is Emotional, during the lead-up to filing and throughout the filing. Throughout the filing there are so many decisions to make that are extremely important to get right: Custody and Co-Parenting, Child & Spousal Support, Division of Assets & Debts. These decisions cannot be made well while emotional. The question becomes, “Can the emotion be diminished or controlled that become the backdrop to decision-making, and that can be the reason for bad decision-making?” The answer is, “Yes!” 

In this episode you will learn more about the Emotional Divorce and its significance in your divorce experience if you would like the best outcome possible for your entire family. Judith will give you real life examples of what to do and what not to do in a variety of situations from making a mutual decision to divorce, to being surprised by being served with divorce papers, to having lawyers involved in representation. 
Thank you for listening all year so that you can learn how to use divorce to grow as an individual and as a parent.  

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