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Episode 195: Women Divorce and Money w/David Stolz, CPA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Author

Women Divorce and Money w/David Stolz, CPA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Author

On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast this week we speak with David Stolz about why he wrote a book for women regarding financial decisions in a divorce settlement, how to know if the financial decisions negotiated created an equal distribution of assets and debts for both spouses, and clarification on filing taxes once a divorce has been filed.  

Here’s what was discussed:

1. Why the focus on women and divorce
2. When required to file other than “married Jointly”
3. How state and federal laws impact your income or asset division when filing “married single or Head of Household”
4 Discuss tax implications with your accountant before filing the divorce settlement to insure the settlement is equal after taxes
5. When to register a divorce with Human Resources when a pension is involved
6. Why a court settlement won’t take tax implications into consideration
7. Options in filing taxes with a Legal Separation filing
8. Debt obligations of one spouse for the other while married
9. What an Equalization Payment is and Equal Distribution of Assets
10. A good case for mediation as opposed to court
11. Emotions and how they can impact bad Legal Decisions
12. How to financially function before divorce filing and while taking care of their emotions
13. How emotions, money, and decision-making work together
14. Monthly pension payments vs lump sum payout

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Biography of David Stolz

David Stolz is a principal in Stolz and Associates, a wealth management firm outside of Seattle, WA. He has more than 20 years of experience working with high net worth individuals in the areas of tax, and divorce financial planning. David has written and contributed to various articles on tax, financial and divorce planning in numerous publications including: New York Times, CBS News, CNBC, Washington, Journal of Accountancy and others.

David and his wife live in Tacoma, WA and enjoy the sunshine of Hawaii as well as adventure travel. They share five kids and a growing number of grandkids.   

Facebook: davidstolzauthor
Instagram: stolz_dave