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Episode 228: Are You Held Hostage in Your Marriage and Divorce? with Kelly Thiel, Author & Former Cult Member

Are You Held Hostage in Your Marriage and Divorce? with Kelly Thiel, Author & Former Cult Member 

In this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert, you will learn the following:
1. How to identify if you are or were held hostage in your marriage.
2. How to identify a cult-like mentality.
3. How you can be seduced by someone who wants to control you.
4. What seduction is like, and why it begins the process of control.
5. How you become a slave to your spouse in your relationship.
6. Neither education nor intelligence have anything to do with being seduced and held hostage in the relationship.
7. What love bombing is and how it is part of the seduction process to establish the hostage relationship.
8. How and when we give our power away to someone else.
9. Are you making choices against your own best interests, and compromising your values?
10. If you’re in a cult-like relationship questioning the other person is not possible.
11. Extricating yourself from a cult-like marriage or divorce.
12. Own your story and drop your shame. 
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Kelly Thiel, author of Unapologetically Glorious, and featured in the documentary series “Seduced” speaks on her experience as part of a cult, how it began and how it ended. Kelly is an accomplished voice actress, author, speaker, consultant, and survivor of the notorious NXIVM cult. Kelly speaks around the world about her personal journey on conquering her own trauma to, in turn, help men and women facing similar adversaties or traumas to conquer their own and rediscover themselves.
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