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Episode-190:OVERCOMING DEHIBILITATING ANXIETY w/Wendy Tamis Robbins, Esq., Author of The Box, Speaker, Podcast Host of Perfectly Panicked

OVERCOMING DEHIBILITATING ANXIETY w/Wendy Tamis Robbins, Esq., Author of The Box, Speaker, Podcast Host of Perfectly Panicked

Wendy Tamis Robbins, Esq. suffered from anxiety in childhood that continues into her adult life. Wendy will share what it was like going through anxiety and panic attacks as a child, through a law career, a first marriage, with the journey she describes in her book The Box, and in her second marriage.

You will learn:

1. What it’s like growing up in an emotionally and physically volatile home

2. How anxiety is an outgrowth of a volatile home life

3. How anxiety pervades someone’s life

4. The difference between anxiety and panic disorders

5. There are different types of anxiety, manifested in different ways

6. How to deal with the triggers that create panic attacks

7. Why people fight for a failed marriage – at first

8. How to deal with the fear of getting divorced

9. How do you know IF you have a failed marriage is you are a child of a failed parental relationship

10. Falling in Love vs Landing in Love

11. The importance of sharing ourselves with our potential spouses before marriage

12. Why children cannot be a bonding mechanism between spouses

13. How we build new boxes to hide in emotionally

14. Creating a facade to cover up our insecurities, imperfections, and lack of real connection in a relationship

15. The difference between growing apart and not growing together from the start 16. When do you know when you really know someone

17. How to break free from the emotional Box people create for themselves

18. The importance of authenticity and expressing vulnerabilities

19. How shame limits vulnerability and authenticity

20. How a failed marriage can lead to a better life 

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Wendy Tamis Robbins, Esq. Biography

Wendy Tamis Robbins is an attorney in Boston, an Anxiety Coach, Author of The Box, Speaker, and host of the Perfectly Panicked podcast.

Wendy has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks all her life. Part of this mental health condition came from her upbringing and part her own issue with authentically expressing herself. As her first marriage ended, Wendy started getting in touch with the reasons for anxiety and panic, and set about changing her life.

She wrote The Box to metaphorically express how she felt in terms of limiting her vulnerability by being less than authentic. Wendy broke out of the imaginary box she put herself in to protect and shield her from the world. The Box is a book that represents Wendy’s freedom from anxiety.

Wendy also provides workshops to help others get out of their self-imposed boxes, address and deal with anxiety and panic attacks, and live an authentic life full of joy.

Facebook: wendytamisrobbinsthebox.com
IG: wendy_tamis_robbins/
LinkedIn: wendy-tamis-robbins-bg806g1b8/
Twitter: WTRobbins
You Tube: UCYicry8lg7dZDVmnWBHLfJg