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Episode 199: Integrity, Leadership and Goal-Setting in Marriage w/Richard Melancon, CPA, Author, Speaker

Integrity, Leadership and Goal-Setting in Marriage w/Richard Melancon, CPA, Author, Speaker

In this episode you will learn the following:

1. Integrity-based Leadership and how Integrity and Leadership are present in marriage

2. Success in Marriage: Matching Values even though spouses may think and behave differently, they want the same goals on Money, retirement, relationships monogamy marriage

3. The shift from dating to marriage: Communicate differently but values same. Problem-solving is different but goals the same

4. Is your marriage goal-based?

5. Financial challenges and goal-setting and the importance of living within your means 6. Why money breaks marriages up and how to prevent this

7. Financial reality in goal-setting and how it successfully works

8. Inappropriate use of money is a symptom of a bad marriage

9. The symptoms that inappropriate expenditure of money reveals

10. How to create a better future financially, married or divorced

11. When bankruptcy should be considered

12. Parents are financial role models to their children

13. What place does money have in your opinion of yourself

14. How is staying in a job that isn’t really satisfying similar to staying in a marriage that isn’t really satisfying

15. How developing a business is similar to building a family

16. Success in your attitude shows in your bank account

17. “Dating for any other reason than finding a spouse isn’t a date. It’s just a good time.”   

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Richard Mélançon has 25+ years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and author. As a business consultant, he has worked with companies from coast – to – coast to improve operations, enhance security, identify workflow improvements, build an ethical culture, and improve staff productivity. 

Mr. Melancon has published three books since 2009. His first book, “You Can Afford the Good Life,” is a personal money management guide for people who are in financial crisis. His second book “18 Secrets to Unlock Profits and Inspire Employees,” helps companies to implement “Best Practices” to operate an effective business. His third book, “Integrity-Based Leadership,” helps business owners align their personal values with the corporate mission to reduce stress, build team spirit with employees, and expand profits significantly. Mr. Melancon has developed a professional speaking platform for these topics for groups and workshop settings.

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