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Episode 224: Unlocking Your Emotional Money Block to Thrive w/Linda Lingo, CPA, Financial Coach

Unlocking Your Emotional Money Block to Thrive w/Linda Lingo, CPA, Financial Coach

On this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast you will learn the following: 
1. Living longer lives makes it harder to grow old together
2. Women initiate divorce more than me
3. Different reasons why people file for divorce after a long-term marriage
4. Women’s income will decrease by 40% in her 60’s, and men by 23%
5. Focus on using a financial expert to help split a pension properly
6. #1 mistake women make: thinking they have to keep the family home
7. How to budget for the future
8. Divorce can provide an opportunity to live the life you’ve always wanted to live
9. Identifying Needs vs Wants in financial planning
10. Establish financial safety nets before filing for divorce
11. The importance of running 3 credit reports in preparation for divorce
12. Desired Lifestyle vs Available Income
13. When to take Social Security. How to determine social security. How to equalize social security for both spouses.
14. Emotional Money Block and Your Money Story
15. How do your values align with your relationship to money?
16. Long-term care for women 

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Linda Lingo is an authority on women building wealth. Her successful 35-year career in corporate America and her 10 years as a Financial Advisor has given her practical experience, radical knowledge and a deep understanding of the best ways to manage money for the modern-day woman.  

Linda has served as the treasurer of The Women’s Fund, Assertive Women Entrepreneurs and Women of Vision. She has been active in Soroptimist International, and Girls Inc. She also supports women-owned businesses as an Activator with SheEO, and is active in the National Cinderella to CEO Awards Program.  
Linda Lingo, Financial Coach & CPA


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