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Episode 252: For People to Care About You, Care About Yourself First

For People to Care About You, Care About Yourself First

In this episode you will learn the following:

1. Divorce will unhinge anyone. It’s how people deal with divorce that will benefit them in their divorce and after.

2. You need the professionals who you hire for the divorce to care about you.

3. You need your soon-to-be former spouse to care about you as a co-parent if you have minor children, and as a negotiator when you work on your divorce settlement.

4. How do you get those involved in the divorce to care about you?

5. What does it mean to care about yourself first?

6. How can the spouse who has been dominant in the marriage change so that that person shows themselves to be caring and concerned about the outcome of the divorce settlement?

7. How can the submissive spouse have a different voice negotiating the divorce settlement.

8. How do you cause those you’ve hired for the divorce to stop caring about you and only care about the money they’re making?

9. How self-care influences better relationships?

10. The importance of communication throughout the divorce process. 

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