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Episode 221: Stressed & Unfocused at Work Due to Divorce? Vicky has Solutions w/Vicky Townsend, Divorce Right, Inc.

Stressed & Unfocused at Work Due to Divorce? Vicky has Solutions w/Vicky Townsend, Divorce Right, Inc. 

On this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast you will learn the following: 
1. The three programs Vicky has that address both managers and employees during the divorce and after: Manage Right; Plan Right, Resolve Right
2. The special services available for specific needs of some divorcing couples, like a special needs child.
3. The importance of testing for special needs children that must be addressed in the divorce.
4. The Divorce Right services include Coaches, Lawyers, Therapists, Clergy, Culture Specialists, LGBTQ specialist, Immigration specialists, Career Coaches.
5. Divorce is the number one reason women find themselves in poverty after divorce.
6. What can a manager or business owner do to manage their own emotions during divorce.
7. Lawyering Up can bring you down, and the pointlessness of this approach.
8. The importance of guidance and direction from a support team to bring sanity and emotional grounding.
9. Work performance suffers a 40% loss in productivity because of divorce.
10. The 5 signs of divorce distraction at work: Absences, presenteeism, emotional outbursts, errors
11. Family Transition Policy for companies to help divorcing employees.
12. Fear of being fired forces employees to quit rather than be fired. Feeling unsupported by their companies. Can’t afford affordable housing near work. Affordable child care available at work or near work.
13. Create a company culture of Respect, Empathy, Compassion.

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Vicky Townsend is the President and founder of Divorce Right, Inc., a professional development and employee assistance program company. 

Vicky is also the co-founder of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, an association for all the licensed professionals that work with clients before, during, and after divorce.


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