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Episode 248: How to Co-Parent “Gifted” Children

How to Co-Parent “Gifted” Children

In this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert, you will learn the following:

1. Define Terms under the label of Gifted
    a. High-functioning Learning Disabled
    b. Gifted
    c. Neorodivergent
    d. Down Syndrome
    e. Autistic
    f. Retarded
    g. Dyslexic 
2. Communication
    a. How do children and their parents communicate the children’s needs
3. Socializing within a Gifted and Neurodivergent Community
4. How do divorcing spouses co-parent if one of the parents is resistant to their child’s needs and diagnosis

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Biography for Meghan Bonde

Meghan Bonde is a Tedx speaker, neurodiversity specialist, founder of Team Neurodivergent, and an award-winning speech language pathologist who proudly identifies as Gifted and Neurodivergent.  She provides coaching, consulting, courses, and workshops to empower Neurodivergent people to leverage their many strengths and thrive emotionally.  Meghan is a passionate dancer, writer, reader, artist, and activist, finding inspiration in nature and her remarkable, Neurodivergent family.



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