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Episode 230: Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce w/Judith Weigle

Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce w/Judith Weigle 

In this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert, you will learn the following:
1. Settle the Emotional Divorce before Settling the Legal Divorce
  a. You can make sound legal decisions while emotional
  b. You’ll spend way too much money on attorneys and court fees when you should be spending money on healing through therapists and coaches
  c. If you’ve already started filing, but find it too emotionally stressful to participate, ask for everyone involved to grant you some time to process the reasons for the divorce before resuming the filing

2. Learn Communication Skills for Conflict
  a. Even in an amicable divorce you’re going to get triggered and fight
  b. If you have a high conflict divorce, you can still change the trajectory of the emotion by knowing successful communication techniques
  c. BIFF is your new best friend 

3. Compartmentalize Time
  a. So that your divorce doesn’t consume your life
  b. To keep focus where it needs to be when you’re at work, when you’re with your children, and when you’re with your family and friends
  c. To re-establish control in your life 

4. Develop a Self-Care Program w/Laughter
  a. Laughter is the Best Medicine for a Hurting Heart
  b. Physical exercise gets you out of your head because it changes your focus from stressing about the divorce to the activity in which you’re engaged
  c. Laughter will shock your nervous system in a good way 
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Judith Weigle has been a family law mediator for 11 years, in her business Divorce Resource, Inc. She created Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce after working with divorcing couples who exhibited stress and acrimony in the filing and in the mediation of their settlement. The four ingredients in the Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce will turn your divorce around, even if only one spouses employs these techniques.
Individual Coaching available.
www.Divorce ResourceInc.com 


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