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Episode 260: Is Your Attachment To Money Destructive?

Episode 260: Is Your Attachment To Money Destructive?

In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. Your emotional attachment to money 2. The way in which money defines you; your money type 3. The way in which money affects you 4. Why your spouse may argue over having to pay child support 5. Why your spouse may resist dividing assets 6. How you can navigate around your spouse’s resistance to not paying child or spousal support, and resistance to dividing assets #money #emotionalintelligence #wealth #ego #fear #gratitude #childsupport #spousalsupport #alimoney #trust #gratitude #attachmenttomoney #selfimage #moneytype #divisionofassets Kaki Perdue Biography Kaki Perdue is a CPA and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. She spent 12 years as a CPA in public accounting and 6 years as a Chief Financial Officer for a tech company before launching Look Both Ways Financial in 2023. Why financial planning? Kaki strives to meet clients where they are, with no judgment. Kaki is on a mission to teach her clients to feel safe, strong, and secure managing their own money. She embraces the “Less is More” approach to both life and financial planning. Kaki prefers outdoor fun – hiking, skiing, gardening, & camping. www.lookbothwaysfinancial.com kaki@lookbothwaysfin.com (24) Kaki Perdue, CPA, CFP® | LinkedIn Kaki is also the host of the Look Both Ways Financial podcast – available wherever you find podcasts.


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