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Episode 209: Regain Sanity in an Insane Co-Parenting Gig w/Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact Parents.com

Regain Sanity in an Insane Co-Parenting Gig w/Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact Parents.com

On this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert Elaine will share her tips on getting parents to be able to communicate with their children in a way that takes the stress out of the parent-child relationship.

Here is what you will learn:  
1. How to deal with your children while you, the parents, are wildly emotional in your divorce process
2. What is Neurodiversity in children?
3. How to stop the blame and resentment cycle that parents may be in
4. Why the divorce rate is higher when parents have a neuro-diverse child
5. How the values that brought you into your current relationship with your partner can be used to reconnect in a co-parenting relationship
6. Coach approach to parenting instead of an authoritative approach
7. How to work with and communicate with a child who has lots of meltdowns and tantrums
8. When the parenting approach changes from giving their children a sense of agency to expecting them to accept an authoritative parenting approach
9. Children understand the coach approach to parenting vs the authoritative approach to parenting
10. How to get on the same of parenting with your co-parent
11. Parenting is an exercise of letting go
12. If parents have neuro-diverse children, the parents may also be neuro-diverse
13. What to do if both parents aren’t on the same page

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Elaine Taylor-Klaus, MCC, is first and foremost the mom in an ADHD ++ family of six, and her complex kids are now successful young adults. Professionally, she is a Master Certified Coach – bringing a coach-approach to her work as an internationally recognized speaker, author and educator. The co-founder of the first global coaching organization for parents and professionals of neurodiverse kids, ImpactParents.com, she is a trusted advisor to parents, executives, health care and education professionals. She is also the co-founder of Sanity School®, a neurodiversity-informed behavior training program for parents.  

In addition to providing training for parents, ImpactParents has trained and certified hundreds of professionals around the world in neurodiversity-informed coaching skills. Elaine co-authored Parenting ADHD Now! in 2016 and published The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety and More, in 2020. The Essential Guide will be released in Spanish on Valentine's Day 2023. 

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, MCC, CPCC
CEO, ImpactParents.com
Parent company for ImpactADHD®,
ImpactAnxiety & ImpactComplexKids
(404) 231-0390 voice
Author: Parenting ADHD Now! &
The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, anxiety, and more   



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