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Seriously....great job today! Super insightful and very informative! It was wonderful to have the pleasure of attending your session live. I'll definitely be checking out your podcast and recommending it to clients. Thanks for the important work that you do!
Bridgett L. Moran, Child Therapist
You have taught me so much and helped me to a place where I am comfortable with the truly messy situation we are in and whatever outcome we end up with. I feel better able to stay child focussed and balanced when canon balls are regularly hurled my way.
Helen Phelps
I listen avidly to your podcasts!! They are interesting and professionally well done. 
Pamela Payton
I rewatched our interview again and have to say you rocked it! So much valuable information…it was really great! I learned from our convo all over again…and know it's bringing value to others! Thank you so much for being on! 
Mike DiCioccio
Mic'd Up! podcast
I LOVE our conversation. I love the way you promoted it with your mini video on FB. I have also received a number of emails thanking me for sharing it and how powerful the conversation was. Thank you so much for inviting me on and for being such a thoughtful and curious host. You are a gifted interviewer and I truly feel so lucky to have met you and chatted with you. I do hope we can do it again in the future. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
Karen McMahon
Certified Divorce Coach
I’m listening to your podcast right now. You’re fantastic! 😍
Molly Wilder
Certified Divorce Coach
I listen to a lot of podcasts but yours is unique in that you listen to your guests and conduct a conversation with them instead of going from question to question like most podcasters do. And I love your guests!
Michele Hahn
I can’t believe how cathartic our interview was for me. I don’t think I ever really processed my childhood and how it led to my marriages and divorces. Thank you for giving me that space to express myself.
Lydia Hughes-Evans
Author, Owner & Principal Consultant of Pure Momentum Coaching
Wow! What a great time. I love your heart for your clients. As I said I wish you were around when I was getting divorced.
Kevin Barclay
Honorable Michele Lowrance: You are a wonderful interviewer. I had a good time and you asked all the right questions. I hope we can stay in touch.
Honorable Michele Lowrance
Family Law Judge, Author, Mediator
I listened (to our episode) over breakfast and this was a great interview. I’ve posted on FB and LinkedIn and shared with my (business) partners.
Lorna Mouton Riff
Forensic Accountant CBIZ