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“Divorce is a New Beginning. This is my mantra with all of my divorce clients. Use divorce as a positive life change. Let change be your graceful high wire act. In Ring 3 of this book you will find a roadmap to creating your New Career for a New Beginning.” Judith Weigle


"Judy is the Dalai Lama of survival through Reinvention."
                                               -Clark Weigle, Former Husband

"Judy walks her walk, talks her talk, and lives her philosophies. Whenever I'm in any type of business crisis or dilemma, I relay on her strategies to straighten things out. "
                - Tom Budas, Best Friend and King of the Catch Phrase

"Judy's leadership was developing at age ten, as president of the neighborhood Crispy Critter Club, named after our favorite cereal. We impeached Judy when she got too bossy. The group disbanded because we actually needed her leadership and vision. I think Judy learned a lesson about leadership too. "
                                               - Jeri McFadden, Judy's Sister

"My professional and personal relationship with Judy is successful because of the way we roll with the punches. We aren't daunted by change. She does tend to want to be the client in our relationship, but I'm still training her. "
                   - Casey Jones, Caliente Tropics Resort, Palm Springs