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Episode 231: Communication Is Your Key To Control w/Judith Weigle

Communication Is Your Key To Control w/Judith Weigle

In this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert, you will learn the following:
1. What defines Communication
a. Our words
b. Our tone of voice
c. How we physically appear

2. How does bad communication sound?
a. Filled with anger
b. Yelling
c. Arrogant
d. Threatening  

3. How does good communication sound?
a. Listening to learn
b. Not interrupting
c. Speaking from the heart, without blame
d. Soft or nonthreatening tone of voice
e. Compassion
f. Asking questions to get a deeper understanding of what your spouse is trying to say
g. If you’re responding to a threatening spouse, keep responses to a minimum, and very neutral; don’t buy into the argument  

a. In-person bad communication: Response (bad to good)
b. Text communication
c. Email communication
d. Timing of bad communication responses  

5. Court Communication
a. Judges don’t want to hear you talk shit about your spouse. (Judge Terry Crone and Judge Michele Lowrance)
b. When one party hires a shark lawyer and the other party is self-represented, don’t think there is an inherent disadvantage (Pam Payton)   
6. Mediation Communication
a. Get legally educated so you can negotiate from a point of knowledge
b. Look your best
c. Be on time
d. Be prepared
e. Listen without interrupting
f. Don’t grimace or make negative facial gestures
g. Don’t say, “Are you done yet?” in an exasperated way.
h. Don’t cop attitude
i. Don’t fight
Judith Weigle has been a family law mediator for 11 years, in her business Divorce Resource, Inc. She created Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce after working with divorcing couples who exhibited stress and acrimony in the filing and in the mediation of their settlement. The four ingredients in the Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce will turn your divorce around, even if only one spouses employs these techniques.
Individual Coaching available.
www.Divorce ResourceInc.com 


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