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Episode 196: Celebrity Divorce? Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen…Commitment has an Energy that Defines the Relationship

Celebrity Divorce? Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen…Commitment has an Energy that Defines the Relationship

Everybody struggles with having a career and raising a family. Either one spouse works and the other raises the family. Or both spouses work and one person raises the family. It’s a rare family in which both parents work and both contribute equally to raising the family.

Aspects to a Relationship that Make it Strong:
a) Mutual Commitment to a Goal of Raising a Family
b) Sharing Family Duties
c) Career: Two-career household with One Career more public than the other career, essentially creating the appearance that one career was more important or made more money
d) If they both had careers, it appeared that Gisele spent more time raising the children. Why? Since she made more money than Tom.

I want to talk about the energy people bring to the marriage, and the energy people use in the divorce. I’m using the relationship of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen to show that their energy was united until Tom reneged on retirement, and Giselle stopped showing up for the games, resulting in a losing season so far for Tom Brady.

When Tom and Giselle met, Giselle was wealthier than Tom, and still is, accumulating her wealth as a successful supermodel, starting as a Victoria’s secret runway Angel. She was making more money than Tom. Then Tom’s career started to take off, and the deal apparently was that Giselle would be a stay-at-home mom and Tom would be the breadwinner. Giselle was at every game with the growing family. As Tom approached 45 years of age, I believe I read that Tom was going to stay home and invest more time in raising the two children. When Tom unretired the shit hit the fan. Giselle stopped coming to Tom’s games and Tom has not been winning. I mean he lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, my team, last week. That’s pretty bad.  

I’m doing a speech on Presenteeism for corporate America, a term used to describe people being at work but unproductive due to emotional pain. The title of the speech is Driven to Distraction. I think this applies to Tom Brady and his unproductive season so far. 

My point is that there was an energy that helped fuel Tom’s performance on the field with Giselle at the games. They were a team, too. It seems that when that team disbanded, it affected his other team, the football team.

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