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Episode-191:Neuro-Engineering of Relationship Happiness

Episode 191 THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast with Deborah Peters, Psychologist, Mind-Set Expert and Podcaster: “Neuro-Engineering of Relationship Happiness”

In the world of relationships and marriage, people look for that one relationship that completes them, that makes them happy, and that last forever. But divorce statistics suggest otherwise. Choosing the right person and leaving that person at the right time are essential to living an authentic life.  

You will learn how to:

1. Approach marriage and relationships in a nontraditional way
2. Gage the energy and dynamic of a relationship and the value of that for a strong relationship
3. When to know if the marriage can and should be saved
4. How did you learn to choose relationships, and what did you learn about those choices
5. Learn from the past relationship to choose better future ones
6. Be honest and authentic in relationship choices
7. Differentiate being a victim from how people assess their own power
8. Find your sense of self-worth and self-esteem
9. Understand that Men need to be Needed and Women want to be Wanted
10. Recognize the signs that the relationship isn’t right, and what to do if that happens
11. Use your energy to live your best life and have your best relationships
12. Recognize if you’re open to receiving the gifts of life
13. Understand that love and money are the same energy
14. Reassess what marriage means
15. How to show up for yourself and be the authentic person you are
16. Break free of social constructs in relationship expectations
17. Have a strong relationship without Cheating and leading Double Lives (financial ruin, addiction, adultery)
18. Understand the difference between Values Alignment vs Vibration Alignment
19. Understand that we are never rejected; we repel the relationships causing them to change dynamic

Biography of Deborah Peters

Deborah Peters of the Neuro-Engineering Institute is a Psychologist, Mind-Set Expert, Business Coach, and host of The Journey of the Mastery of Your Mind. Deborah offers individual coaching, retreats, workshops and keynotes for continued education and personal and business success.

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