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Episode 153: What Is Best Interests of the Children? with Elle Barr

What Is Best Interests of the Children? with Elle Barr

Elle Barr, attorney and Judicial Educational Coordinator for Our FamilyWizard will discuss what the phrase Best Interests of the Children really means and looks like. Family law professionals use this phrase constantly, but it's the most difficult behavior to enact. Most people are so emotional during the divorce process that they can barely function. Keeping the parents' own lives together is difficult enough with working, domestic duties, children's schooling and activities, and now the co-parenting plan is added, that parents are completely stressed out. Barr will discuss some tips for focusing on the children as well as yourself and the other co-parent. Everybody does the best they can, but sometimes your best needs help. There are ways to mitigate your parental personal stress in order to focus on whatever needs to be done to keep the children balanced and healthy as the entire family goes through the divorce transition.