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Family Law ~ Podcast Host ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Entertainment ~ Business ~ Cultural Diversity

Judith is one of those rare individuals who can make you laugh while going through a painful experience. Her ability to see through and reach a negotiated settlement is unparalleled in divorce mediation.

"People have always found it easy to open up and confide in me, hopefully, because they know I'm nonjudgemental. I'm there to hold a mirror of self-reflection up so that divorcing people can identify their participation in the relationship to craft the negotiated settlement that best reflects the evolution of the marriage."

Judith's mediation experience includes: Mediator with Divorce Resource, Inc.; Mediator with the Dispute Resolution Program in the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney; Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Mediation with the Los Angeles County Bar Association 

Judith's credentials include: Award-Winning Mediator, Paralegal, Legal Document Assistant, Author, Toastmaster
Judith fulfilled her first life dream by working in the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus. With this blended family of performers from countries near and far, Judith got her first taste for amicable living. She learned how different cultures, different parenting styles, and different educational and economic backgrounds could respect each other and work towards a common goal: A show that made millions of other families happy! She now brings her Big Top experiences to your family as The Amicable Divorce Expert in her work as a divorce mediator and paralegal. Your divorce does not have to be a 3-Ring Circus, nor do you have to feel like you’re putting your head in the lion’s mouth when negotiating a settlement with your spouse.