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Episode 154: Celebrity Divorce Series: Bethenny Frankel

Celebrity Divorce Series: Bethenny Frankel

Can High Achieving Women Have It All With One Person? Only if that one person, that husband, is also high achieving. The cultural norm is still around: Men earn more than women. When that equation is flipped, the cultural norm is challenged and in 33% of those marriages, a divorce takes place. It's very difficult for a women to be the higher wage earner and not either look down on their husbands at some point, or grow apart. Ego is involved; personal energy is different; and expectations that women were brought up with - the man is the financial rock in the family - silently gnaw at the marriage. We highlight Bethenny Frankel in our Celebrity Divorce Series because she wanted it all, with one husband, but that didn't happen. In the words of Snoop Dogg, "Game Knows Game." Those who succeed connect with those who succeed on the same level. We'll break down the aspects of Bethenny's divorce that may be part of your divorce.