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Episode-178: How to Amicably Co-Parent with Dr. Lynne Meyer

How to Amicably Co-Parent with Dr. Lynne Meyer

On the Amicable Divorce Expert podcast Judith interviews Dr. Lynne Meyer, a psychologist who works with children and families. The questions addressed in this interview with Dr. Meyer are the following:

1. Can an amicable divorce and co-parenting relationship change from contentious to amicable, and how? 
2. How can co-parents become child-centered if the parents are still fighting each other? 
3. What are some co-parenting techniques that will get the parents unstuck from a volatile relationship in order to co-parent in a child-centered way?
4. How do you get parents to understand that the child needs to be with both parents as much as possible?
5. How do you get parents to understand the size of the loss created with a divorce, both on the parents’ end and the loss that the children are experiencing?
6. Are there therapeutic steps to take before filing for divorce?
7. How should parents tell their children that there will be a divorce?
8. How can parents support their children in expressing and dealing with their fear as a result of the divorce?
9. What are the dangers in using two different co-parenting styles?
10. What are the dangers in not allowing children to share accomplishments with the non-custodial parent if the custodial parent won’t allow communication between the children and the other parent when it’s not the other parent’s time with the child?
11. What is the benefit in co-parenting therapy?
12. What is the benefit in child therapy?
13. Why does a child present themselves differently to each parent?
14. Can child therapy help the co-parents come together with a united parenting style? 

Biography of Dr. Lynne Meyer

Dr. Lynne Meyer has been in private practice for 27 years. She is originally from Cape Town, South Africa where she trained as a teacher psychologist at University of Cape Town. After leaving South Africa, she lived in Israel for 5 years before coming to the United States to train as a clinical psychologist at CSPP now Alliant University where she obtained a doctorate in psychology.

Dr. Meyer has also trained at NCP in Child Psychology. She is presently training in Mindfulness Trauma Work.

Dr. Meyer specializes in trauma and abuse. Her specialty is working with children who are in high conflict custody divorce situations and are sometimes estranged from one parent. Dr. Meyer works frequently for the court in family therapy, reunification therapy and co-parent therapy. Dr. Meyer is focused on the child’s best interest and their development. She is focused on helping children make the transition and adjustment in a divorced family. She works with children as early as 3 upwards. 

Dr. Meyer has an empathic compassionate approach. She works with children in conjunction with parents to help families to heal from divorce. She works with a hybrid of psychoanalytic, trauma based and mindfulness therapy.


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