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Episode 222: What to Do with a Lousy Prenup? w/Attorney Laurie Israel, Author

What to Do with a Lousy Prenup? w/Attorney Laurie Israel, Author 

On this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast you will learn the following: 
1. What a Prenup is
2. What makes a prenup good or bad
3. The requirement to know the laws of your state before giving up marital rights in the prenup
4. Why some people want prenups
5. Why some people agree to sign them even though one person may be disadvantaged
6. What you can or can’t do in a divorce with a lousy prenup
7. The real benefit in a good prenup
8. How mediation can be used to revisit a lousy prenup
9. Spousal support, prenups, and inherited money
10. Spousal support is part of the equity in a marriage
11. People’s relationship to money and how it affects relationships
12. How bad prenups make the marriage weak
13. What Promissory Estoppel is and how it affects spousal support
14. How a postnup can correct a lousy prenup
15. Enforceability of prenups
16. On-line prenups
17. How a good prenup is organized, approached, negotiated, and well thought out beyond the existing assets
18. How to respond if you’re “given” a prenup to sign
19. How a prenup is “fair” to both people
20. What “lifestyle” provisions are that would end a marriage

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Laurie Israel is a collaborative lawyer and mediator based in Massachusetts. She is the author of “The Generous Prenup: How to Support your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls” (2018). Laurie now concentrates her practice on prenups, and has been mediating prenups and postnups in Massachusetts as well as throughout the U.S. She has written extensively on prenups and on the art and skill of mediating prenups, which she believes is the optimal way to help couples mutually address the terms of a prenup and how they may affect each of the parties in the future.
Laurie began her involvement in the area of prenups as a representative for clients negotiating their agreements. She has experienced first-hand how couples can harm each other during the negotiation process in a way that may not easily be forgotten. Laurie believes that if not dealt with in an equitable manner, the content and process of some prenups can do irreparable damage to a couple embarking on marriage. The message in her book “The Generous Prenup” is that prenups are not to be taken lightly and should be used only when absolutely necessary, and when both parties are comfortable with the entire process. She believes the professionals involved should be keenly aware of the issue of fairness to both parties and consider the ultimate health of the ensuing marriage. 

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