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Episode-169:What Makes a Divorce Settlement Agreement Difficult to Reach

What Makes a Divorce Settlement Agreement Difficult to Reach

On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast our guest is Attorney Natalie S. Lowe. We will be discussing Tips for Making a Good Divorce Settlement as well as reasons why settlements are difficult to reach.

One of the biggest reasons why settlement agreements are difficult is due to the emotional nature of divorce. Divorce is both emotional and financial. If there are minor children, that adds a layer of continued involvement between the parents that can only be healthy if both parents have gone through the grief stages of divorce, and are ready to change their identities from married to single – at least for a while.

Attorney Lowe will discuss the following reasons why a settlement agreement is difficult to reach:
1) how to know when you’re receiving good legal advice
2) how to be patient if your spouse is taking longer than you want to take
3) when to involve other professionals in the knowledge needed to make the decisions that are right for you
4) when to compromise and be flexible in the negotiations
5) unrealistic settlement requests
6) fear of the financial future
7) lawyers dragging out time for financial gain
8) one or more spouses not ready to let go of the marriage
9) using the child as a pawn
10) emotionally attached to an asset  

The decisions made in a divorce settlement agreement are bible once the agreement is signed by a Judge. That’s why every decision should be made with “informed consent”, meaning that legal advice is ultimately important before mediation or negotiation. People try to avoid lawyers or hide the fact that they’ve been to lawyers. But lawyers are there to help people understand the law so that when spouses are in the negotiation for settlement terms, they negotiate with a clear understanding of the law. Hopefully, a good lawyer is chosen. This will be discussed in the episode.

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Biography of Natalie S. Lowe, Esq. 
Attorney Lowe has been in practice since 2006. Her office is in the Beverly Hills, CA area. She has specialized in family law exclusively. Her mentor was Dennis Wasser, one of the foremost attorneys in the Los Angeles area for decades. Natalie learned from the best to be the best.