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Archive of month: April 2022

THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast presents Johnny Depp and Billy Ray Cyrus: Two Sides of Amicable

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/johnny-depp-billy-ray-cyrus-two-sides-to-amicable/ On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast with Judith M. Weigle, the podcast devoted to amicable divorces, we speak with @LawyerLimor, Limor Mojdehiazad, Esq. about the current celebrity divorces and family law cases in the news: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tom & Katie and Lala & Randall from Vanderpump […]

Are Men’s Feelings Different Than Women’s in Divorce

On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast we interviewed Tamir Berkman, Divorce Cowboy. This cowboy is a divorce coach for men. Tamir only works with men because as a man, he believes he can address the emotional issues that men go through differently than women when in a relationship break-up. Tamir uses, as one of his […]

What Makes a Divorce Settlement Agreement Difficult to Reach

Listen Here: https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/divorce-settlement-agreement-difficult-to-reach/ On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast our guest is Attorney Natalie S. Lowe. We will be discussing Tips for Making a Good Divorce Settlement as well as reasons why settlements are difficult to reach. One of the biggest reasons why settlement agreements are difficult is due to the emotional nature of divorce. […]

Steps To Divorcing a Narcissist

On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast this week we had Liz Merrill, Divorce Coach and Mediator, and a survivor of a narcissistic spouse. Liz had small children who came to her and encouraged her to leave the marriage for their sake. This is the complete opposite of what parents attempt to do for their children: […]