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Episode 201 Blog: Is Your Divorce Taking Too Long?

Listen Here: https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/really-long-celebrity-divorces-and-how-to-shorten-yours/ There are several reasons why your divorce could be taking longer than it needs to, or much longer than you expected. Let’s look at the reasons: There is no communication, or acrimonious communication between spouses. Communication is the center point, the ground zero for the trajectory of the divorce. This is why […]

Episode 200: Workplace Burnout and Divorce w/Dr. Jacqueline Kerr and Kristi Rible

This episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast is about workplace burnout for women and men who are also going through divorce. Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/workplace-burnout-and-divorce-wdr-jacqueline-kerr-and-kristi-rible/ First, the bad news. There is a crisis in corporate America called Presenteeism. It means that people show up for work, they are present, but mentally checked out due to […]

Episode 198: The Importance of Openness and Honesty in Mediation w/Joseph George

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/the-importance-of-openness-and-honesty-in-mediation-wjoseph-george-mediator/ This episode explores the realities of making a good mediation. It’s simple: Be Honest, Be Empathetic, Be Human One of the aspects of mediation that all mediators face is how to work through the parties’ conflict while staying neutral. The hardest part of remaining neutral is when you see the following: One […]

Episode 197 Blog: The Complexities of Gender Identity in Divorce

Listen Here: https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/episode-197-the-complexities-of-gender-identity-in-divorce-wattorneys-meagan-spomer-greg-lake/ We live in a different society now in so far as gender is concerned. We no longer have a simple straight vs gay society. Now we have massive transgenderism, nonbinary people, different use of pronouns, and people changing their names to be one letter defying a gender identification. Not only does this […]

Episod 196: Celebrity Divorce? Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen…Marriage Equality; Does It Exist?

Listen Here: https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/celebrity-divorce-tom-brady-gisele-bundchen…commitment-has-an-energy-that-defines-the-relationship/ What I was seriously blown away by was the fact that Gisele, who had amassed a greater fortune than Tom, agreed to sublimate herself and take herself out of the work that created her wealth, modeling; remove herself from the spotlight, which modeling puts someone in; to be a wife and Mom, […]

Episode 195: Women Divorce and Money w/David Stolz, CPA, CDFA, Author

Listen Here: https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/women-divorce-and-money-wdavid-stolz-cpa-certified-divorce-financial-analyst-author/ The first thing I addressed in the interview with David was why he wrote a book specifically addressing women and money when the book had very little to do with women and everything to do with how to deal with money in the divorce settlement, which is no different for women than […]

Episode 194: When Divorce Mediation is Right for You

Listen Here  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/when-divorce-mediation-is-right-for-you-wkatherine-miller-esq-mediator-miller-law-group/ Katherine Miller, Mediator, Attorney, and our guest this week on THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast made a statement that I can’t stop thinking about: “Divorce is a people problem with a legal consequence.” That is so true when talking about who should mediate and who should ask a Judge to make decisions […]

Episode 193:  Understanding Attorneys, Paralegals and the Human Side of Law w/Eda Rosa

Listen Here: https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/understanding-attorneys-paralegals-and-the-human-side-of-law-weda-rosa/ In THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast, we featured Eda Rosa, LLC a Ft. Lauderdale legal professional who has a concierge paralegal service for attorneys, has her own podcast, Let’s Talk Legal, and is an author of two books that support honesty and ethics in legal services. Honesty and Ethics should be the […]

Trust & Forgiveness are the Dynamic Duo for Personal Growth

Listen Here: https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/khloe-kardashian-trust-forgiveness-are-her-brand/ Relationships are hard enough on a good day, but when trust is broken, how do you get back to the relationship without the key, forgiveness? You don’t. Can’t have one without the other in order to repair a relationship and to restore trust again. But is trust ever the same? Is the […]

Happiness is Within Our Control

Happiness is Within Our Control Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/neuro-engineering-of-relationship-happiness-with-deborah-peters-psychologist-mind-set-expert-and-podcaster/ I don’t know about you, but I need to step up my happiness game. In the last three years enough life stuff has happened that I felt my personal happiness dwindle.  It got to a point where I just didn’t have the energy and enthusiasm that I […]