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Episode 263 Blog: What Emotions Make a Successful Mediation?

Watch Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeDiUX-Hg3c&list=UULFk2u7UQTUG2-ZgmyQoHBCwg&index=1 In the recorded episode 263 I discussed why anger doesn’t work in mediation.  The primary reasons are that it destroys the spirit of compromise, it turns off the other spouse, it doesn’t allow the speaker to be heard, and it doesn’t allow the speaker to process the response of the other spouse. […]

Episode 261: Your Words are Your Secret Sauce in Conflict

If there is one secret to share with the world regarding the handling of conflict situations and relationships, that is that words and tone of voice can mitigate most issues. It’s the way people communicate with each other that is at the heart of resolution. Arguing never works; it ends up in a verbal tug […]

Episode 260: What is Your Money Type?

Everyone has a relationship to money. People are either spenders or savers; stingy or generous. What people preview to a potential mate could either be their genuine money selves, or a restricted version of themselves in so far as the way they handle money. There are times when people hide their debt from the other […]

Episode 259: Do Not Look at Divorce as a Failure

Anyone who has gone through divorce has a range of horrible feelings – fear, hurt, betrayal, anger, depression, failure – depending on how they see the reason for the divorce. Are they blaming themselves or are they blaming their spouse? Or do they have a wider view that both spouses contributed to the end of […]

Episode 258: Wounds Will Only Heal With the Truth

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/wounds-will-only-heal-with-the-truth/ In my 12 years of family law mediation, I have found the rhythm to most mediations IF the spouses have not forgiven each other for the reason(s) for the divorce, is this: 1st Mediation is the false narrative people tell themselves and want to tell the mediator in order to get what […]

Episode 257: In Threatening Conversations, Listen and Ask “Why?”

In the world of divorce, communication – what you say and how you say it – either helps or hinders how you and your spouse get through the process. Communication can go from bad to worse when a divorce is requested because the element of trust has changed in that relationship. And I don’t mean […]

The Family Tree is Our Foundation

A very dear friend who is a psychotherapist, Dr. Kathy Memel, uses the family tree to unlock the lessons we learned in our families of origin. Understanding where our behavior came from especially inso far as it relates to the way we choose relationships and the way we behave in relationships, is critical to our […]

Episode 254: How to Use Healthy Anger in Mediation

Have you heard the phrase “Don’t drive angry” from the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray that was out many years ago? Well, the same could be said about the display of anger in a divorce mediation: Don’t Mediate Angry. As I researched anger for the podcast episode this week, I learned that there is […]

Episode 251: Tps to Negotiate Spousal and Child Support

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/how-to-negotiate-support/ I.               Spousal Support a.     Even though child support is considered more important than spousal support/alimony, spousal support is much harder to deal with both for the spouses and the legal professionals who provide service: Attorneys, Mediators, Divorce Coaches, Document Preparation person, Therapists. b.     Spousal support was created in the late 1800’s when […]

The High Road Includes Courtesy, Compromise and Consideration

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/can-anyone-take-the-high-road-in-divorce-wandy-heller-author-businessman/ We’ve all heard people talk about Taking the High Road. “I’m just going to take the high road.” That sometimes infers a bit of ego in the self-satisfaction that the speaker has or is making better choices than the person with whom they are in disagreement. Taking the High Road involves two […]