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Archive of month: April 2021

Are You Biologically Designed For Lasting Relationships?

Are You Biologically Designed for Lasting Relationships? Anastasia Makhanova, Ph.D., Social Psychologist shed light on people’s ability to get into a lasting relationship that embodied the three aspects of a healthy one:  Gratitude, Trust, and Forgiveness.  It just may be your CD38 gene and not primarily you!  Anastasia’s research showed that the CD38 gene has these […]

Life (and Divorce) Happen FOR You, Not To You

Life (and Divorce) Happen FOR You, Not To You That’s a quote by Tony Robbins, the personal and business coach, self-help author of many books, and a motivational speaker.  The first two books being “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within”.  I read those books in the 80’s and 90’s.  Both were written to show […]

Are You Living in Divorce Fear? Reality and Knowledge will Set You Free

ARE YOU LIVING in Divorce FEAR? Reality will set you FREE In divorce, people live with Fear over so many things: living alone, money, not seeing the children as much, worrying that children might get hurt with the other parent, basic survival.  The daily communication with our spouses, the words we choose and the tone […]