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Archive of month: February 2022

Encore: Super Bowl LVI Rappers’ Divorces

On the Amicable Divorce Expert podcast this week with Beverly Hills millennial attorney Limor Mojdehiazad, we conducted an encore performance of the Super Bowl Halftime Show by exploring aspects of the Rappers’ divorces that are teachable moments for us in our divorces, in the lyrics of their songs, in their social media posts, and in […]

Romance Fraud & Financial Exploitation

The numbers are staggering: In 2021 $307M was scammed by people who love your money but not you! Say what? Yes. You gave them your heart but all they wanted was your money. If this is you, you’re not alone. You’re in a huge pool of people who fell in love before falling into financial […]

Divorce and Depression: How to Manage Both

Brian Stefan, ACSW, MSW, was our guest on THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast on Wednesday.  He shared with us his work with grief and suicide.  Historically, suicide became a public conversation with the death of Marilyn Monroe in the 60’s.  Before then, the topic was taboo. Something to be ignored and not analyzed. Because Marilyn […]

Can a Marriage Survive a Transgender Reveal?

Our topic this week on THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast with host Judith M. Weigle was controversial: The possible survival of a marriage when one spouse becomes the opposite gender. Generally not. But in the case of our February 2nd guest, Leslie Hilburn Fabian, LCSW, and author of My Husband’s a Woman Now, the gender […]