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Archive of month: October 2021

Sheen/Richards: How Modifications Work in Child Support and Custody

I like taking celebrity divorces and using aspects of their settlement to explain how those issues work in any divorce.  In the case of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, we learned that there was a recent court ruling modifying child support, the co-parenting schedule, and custody. So what happened and how does this work? Sheen […]

Emotionally Divorce your Married Self to Grow After Divorce

Julie Turner, Life Coach, our guest this week on THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast gave us a great idea to ponder: Emotionally divorce the person you became in the marriage that just ended so that you can grow into the person that is more authentically you. I hadn’t heard this before, and it makes so […]

Spousal Support: Til Death Do Us Part

Spousal Support (aka Alimony) is one of the toughest conversations to have in a divorce settlement. Why? Because it continues to connect the spouses even after the divorce is final.  Divorce is a financial transaction that sets each spouse up to be independent financial entities. Except for spousal support.  Spousal support continues to connect the […]