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Archive of month: May 2021

Celebrity Divorces as Performance Art

Celebrity Divorces are the same as ours only with more zeros to their bank accounts and many more Instagram followers, plus a public relations image that must be preserved. Other than this, celebrity divorces are either amicable or fraught with conflict. So it is with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates: Bezos’ divorce was amicable and […]

Silver Lining in Divorce

After you get your head out of the lion’s mouth, and change into a different emotional costume, one that suits you a lot better than that of a hunted animal, you can morph into the new you. The Silver Lining in any divorce is that with as great a life change as divorce is, it […]

Are You Committing Financial Infidelity?

Divorce is a financial lawsuit, and money is the #1 culprit. When we mishandle money, lie about what we spend, or spend on things that aren’t necessary when we need to be on a budget, we have betrayed ourselves and our spouses. We have committed Financial Infidelity. When people get divorced they are highly emotional. […]

Unconditional Forgiveness: Lemons into Love with Child of Divorce, Kamie Lehmann

When Kamie Lehmann was five years old her parents got a divorce. Her two siblings were seven and nine years old.  Three very young children coping with the break-up of their family. To make matters worse, Kamie’s mother had to work, a lot, several jobs to make ends meet because there was virtually no financial […]


In speaking with Attorney, Mediator and Author, Gabrielle Hartley on the February 17th episode of Constructive Uncoupling, we learned that Court brings out the worst in people but sometimes it’s the only way to get a divorce.  There was a time when Gabrielle worked with a family law Judge in New York and became his […]