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Archive of month: March 2022

Who Gets the Oscar for Best Divorce?

The Amicable Divorce Expert Celebrity Divorce episode this week is “Who Gets the Divorce Oscar?” It’s totally up for grabs! Featured divorces are Lucille Ball’s divorce from Desi Arnaz and how they dealt with the community property film studio known as Desilu Productions; Steven Spielberg’s divorce from Amy Irving and a pre-nuptial agreement that was challenged […]

The Perils of Parenting with Esther Jacob, MA, ACSW, Divorce Coash, Parent

Who should have reconsidered having children, raise your hands!  Ah huh. I thought so.  Having children sounds like the right idea until it isn’t anymore. So what do you do know that you have them? Can’t really give them away. And to whom would you give them? People who also should have thought more about […]

A Parent’s Guide to Birdnesting with author Ann Gold Buscho, PhD.

On The Amicable Divorce Expert podcast with Judith M. Weigle yesterday we had author Ann Gold Bushco, PhD on the program, speaking about her book A Parent’s Guide to Birdnesting. The family law community calls the process Dr. Buscho describes as Birdnesting, simply Nesting. Birdnesting is an east coast version of west coast Nesting.  But […]

EXIT Interview with Colleen O’Neil: Divorce is an Issue of Compromise

On the Amicable Divorce Expert podcast with Judith M. Weigle we had Mediator, Therapist, Educator, and podcast host Colleen O’Neil back to share her experience getting divorced. It’s so interesting to listen to a divorced person who is a family law professional speak about their divorce and the challenges they faced in the process. Colleen […]

Can Mediation Work for Everyone?

Can Mediation Work for Everyone? I think the answer is “Yes” if specific conditions are met: .The parties need to be informed about the law surrounding their settlement deal points .The parties need to be able to communicate well .The parties need to be respectful of each other .Neither party can intimidate the other party .And […]