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Archive of month: January 2024

Episode 260: What is Your Money Type?

Everyone has a relationship to money. People are either spenders or savers; stingy or generous. What people preview to a potential mate could either be their genuine money selves, or a restricted version of themselves in so far as the way they handle money. There are times when people hide their debt from the other […]

Episode 259: Do Not Look at Divorce as a Failure

Anyone who has gone through divorce has a range of horrible feelings – fear, hurt, betrayal, anger, depression, failure – depending on how they see the reason for the divorce. Are they blaming themselves or are they blaming their spouse? Or do they have a wider view that both spouses contributed to the end of […]

Episode 258: Wounds Will Only Heal With the Truth

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/wounds-will-only-heal-with-the-truth/ In my 12 years of family law mediation, I have found the rhythm to most mediations IF the spouses have not forgiven each other for the reason(s) for the divorce, is this: 1st Mediation is the false narrative people tell themselves and want to tell the mediator in order to get what […]

Episode 257: In Threatening Conversations, Listen and Ask “Why?”

In the world of divorce, communication – what you say and how you say it – either helps or hinders how you and your spouse get through the process. Communication can go from bad to worse when a divorce is requested because the element of trust has changed in that relationship. And I don’t mean […]