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Episode 233: Is Laughter and Divorce a Joke?

Episode 233: Is Laughter and Divorce a Joke?

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/laughter-is-key-for-a-heart-healthy-divorce/

Laughter makes anything better, even divorce. Laughter breaks the spell of depression and anger. Laughter points out the ironies in life.

Self-care programs in general brighten our moods and take us out of our myopic view of ourselves as victims. But when we think of self-care it’s typically an exercise program. Well, why not choose a self-care program that includes laughter?

In Los Angeles and in Vermont, there is Goat Yoga. Yes, yoga with goats running around. It’s completely hilarious. The goats are adorable and inquisitive. They are gentle and like walking on and around the people on their yoga mats. The idea originated in Vermont on a goat farm, and then picked up by yoga studios in Los Angeles.

In my Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce, choosing a self-care program with laughter is the fourth ingredient. Listen to the episode (link imbedded with the article) for the benefits that the Mayo Clinic lists for the medicinal effects of laughter on the mind and body. Incredible.

There’s always time to be depressed and stressed throughout divorce. So take a few hours a week and throw divorce to the wind; it will be over at some point. And treat yourself to some laughter. I promise, laughter will not spoil your divorce. It will enhance your ability to deal with the divorce in a much healthier way.

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