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Silver Lining in Divorce

Silver Lining in Divorce

After you get your head out of the lion’s mouth, and change into a different emotional costume, one that suits you a lot better than that of a hunted animal, you can morph into the new you. The Silver Lining in any divorce is that with as great a life change as divorce is, it can commensurately provide an opportunity to change anything about yourself that you choose. Divorce is your ticket to the new you.

Once you process the emotional divorce, and at the conclusion of the legal divorce, you will have grown tremendously. You will have learned a lot, reviewed your life a lot, and asked “Why?” a lot.  And in so doing you will have come to new perspectives about parts of your life. You will have decided to reorder your life. Maybe you might move. Maybe make a career change. Point being, divorce rocked your boat and you built another one.

I know it’s hard to divorce someone who has a high conflict personality, someone who can’t compromise, who can’t be depended upon to do his/her part in the negotiating, and who won’t even be civil. So you get through it the best you can. But once you find your way close to the filing finish line, start thinking about you.  Think about how you took the circumstances that you had to accept and look at how these circumstances can be used in a creative way that would allow for your freedom of expression and perhaps career reset.

It is my firm belief that any circumstances can be turned into a benefit. You just have to move through the fear that accompanies a tough divorce settlement, and purposefully look to creating a new you. Everything in life happens for a reason; the reason is our own growth and development. If we can look at our divorce through the prism of opportunity and gratitude, we can find the Silver Lining in any life change – eventually.