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Archive of month: 2021

How Can Parents Support ‘Best Interests of the Child’?

We hear the phrase”Best Interests of the Child” all the time among family law attorneys and mediators. It’s a phrase that to these professionals is pretty clear: Parents must modify their behavior towards one another and towards the children in order for the children’s physical, emotional, and intellectual needs to be met without disruption to […]

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Forgiveness

We’ve all been told that forgiving the other person does not release that person’s responsibility of whatever happened in the relationship; it frees our spirit and our heart to be able to move past the relationship issue. It does not release the forgiven of responsibility. But forgiving ourselves is also important for us to move […]

StepParent Tips for Holiday Bonding

Judy Graybill was on the show this past Wednesday to discuss holidays, blended families, and step-parent roles.  Judy is a world renowned StepParent Coach and a former step-parent herself.  Holidays can be stressful enough before blended family challenges present themselves because there are many family members coming together with their own agendas for how they […]

Blended Families Holiday Memories

Molly Wilder, Certified Divorce Coach from Idaho, was our guest this week and boy did she give us a holiday story that stopped us in our tracks!  Molly shared her divorce story first: She had seven children (3 biological and 4 adopted), belonged to a church that didn’t approve of divorce, and, was a stay-at-home […]

Adele: I Needed an Outlet for the Pain

This episode about Adele’s divorce was about the inner struggles of divorce, the emotional journey, not the legal one. Adele was interviewed by Oprah and the interview aired earlier this month. The cool thing about this interview was that it was woven throughout clips of Adele’s concert in Los Angeles at the Griffith Observatory, on […]

7 Levels of Emotional Energy

Karen McMahon, Certified Divorce Coach, was our guest this week on THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast and she focused on the importance of knowing the 7 Levels of Emotional Energy. Not only is it important for divorce professionals – attorneys, mediators, paralegals, and judges – to understand these levels so that they can understand their […]

Healthy Money is Happy Money

“Our upbringing guides our views on money,” explained Jonathan Satovsky, CFA, Chief Financial Coach, and President of Satovsky Asset Management. In Jonathan’s case his parents divorced and remarried; his dad remarried twice. He saw his mother financially vulnerable throughout his young life so he focused on being financially strong and independent as a result of […]

Sometimes Children Aren’t Heard

It was a pleasure to discover Catharine Blake, Certified Divorce Coach and Child Psychotherapist, and an honor that she agreed to an interview. Her episode is posted this week on this website. https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/effects-of-divorce-on-children-with-catharine-blake-cdc-psychotherapist/ There aren’t enough people in the divorce coaching arena who also specialize in child therapy.  It’s a special skill and art to […]

Sheen/Richards: How Modifications Work in Child Support and Custody

I like taking celebrity divorces and using aspects of their settlement to explain how those issues work in any divorce.  In the case of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, we learned that there was a recent court ruling modifying child support, the co-parenting schedule, and custody. So what happened and how does this work? Sheen […]