Speaker, Workshop Leader, Storyteller & Humorist 

Ironically, many people describe their workplaces by saying, “It’s like a 3-ring circus in there!”

They mean that everything’s crazy, there’s no focus, no one’s in charge, and the inmates are running the asylum. That’s the exact opposite of a real circus, which is perhaps the most tightly-focused business institution in the world.

It has to be. You’re talking about moving the equivalent of a small town, complete with a few hundred people, dozens of trucks, wild animals, rigging, and circus tents, so as to put on live and dangerous shows twice daily, March – November, before thousands of peope each show.

When people refer to their offices as a 3-ring circus they aren’t referencing the circus I know! My circus – the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus, the company where I worked for six years, between 1980 – 1987, as marketing director, contracting agent, elephant ride ticket seller, and Dancing Bear – is not only organized, but is also a laboratory for cutting edge communication skills, providing help with the psychology of working with volatile personalities, both human and animal.

To many people, the circus might appear to be the least likely model for outstanding business practices than anyone might imagine. Shockingly, it is the best example of an excellent business model, more than any company I have yet to encounter. The circus as a classroom is pure fun!